Safety First!

Telstar Trampolines are designed predominantly with safety in mind and all models comply with the very latest EN71-14 European Standards.

EN71-14 covers the following:

  • Durability of materials aswell as strength and stability of the trampoline and enclosure
  • Prevention of entrapment - fingers, head, neck, feet 
  • Avoidance of sharp edges, sharp points and protruding parts

We believe that the TELSTAR Trampoline range is the safest on the market and goes above and beyond the basic requirements.

Here's Why.......

Fibre Glass Rodding

All of our safety enclosures have fibre glass rods which encompasses the top of the safety net to provide extra strength and maintenance of shape. 

Safety Entrance System 

The Safety Entrance System is a double locking NO ESCAPE system comprising of a heavy duty zip and large durable plastic fasteners.  The zip run's vertically for easy access and horizontally along the trampoline mat for extra security.

Re-enforced Weak Areas

All Telstar models have re-enforcements on the major stress points.  This is either through a Tri-layer Socket or heavy duty steel T Connectors.

Factory Stiched Bed and Net

The ELITE range and the ORBIT range both provide a net that comes supplied already attached to the bounce mat, not only does this mean building the trampoline is quicker and easier there is absolutely no chance of the user having access to the springs and trampoline framework as the bouncing area becomes completely enclosed.


Depending on the Telstar model the padding is between 20mm and 30mm thick, 7.5 oz closed cell foam and covered with a heavy duty PVC for lasting use and extra protection.  Be aware of other cheaper trampolines that only use PE covering on the pads, which will not withstand the UK climate.


Safety First

The latest editions, Vortex, Orbit, Jump Capsule Mk3 and Elite, all have innovative safety improvements to them. No range is released into the market without extensive testing and passing the European testing certifications.