Welcome to the OFFICIAL Telstar Trampolines website.  Telstar trampolines were introduced to the UK market in 2007 and have since gained an ever increasing share of the home trampoline market due to product innovation, the extensive and ever developing range and a growing positive reputation.

The first Telstar model launched in 2007 was The Jump Capsule.  The main objective was to produce a safer trampoline whilst maintaining maximum performance. The Design Team met with a focus group to decide how they could make the garden trampoline as safe as possible.  This has been achieved by only selling the trampoline and safety net as a complete package.  Every member of the focus group agreed that without a safety enclosure there was a large risk of injury.  It is the safety net that makes Telstar Trampolines different from other trampolines:  

  • Each safety enclosure pole slots directly into the trampoline top rail, this ensures the safety enclosure remains rigid and gives extra strength to the trampoline framework. 
  • The safety enclosure netting sits on the inside of the padding, this keeps little fingers and toes completely away from the springs which reduces the risk of injury, especially in the younger user. 
  • All trampoline safety enclosures have an entry / exit door which is usually secured by either a heavy duty zip or heavy duty plastic fastenings, the Telstar range has both features.

Since the launch of The Jump Caspsule the Telstar range has developed and evolved, more sizes are available, different shapes are an option and whether you are looking for a small entry level garden trampoline for a 6 year old or a performance rectangular trampoline for a teenager, Telstar will have a model suitable for you.

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Safety First

The latest editions, Vortex, Orbit, Jump Capsule Mk3 and Elite, all have innovative safety improvements to them. No range is released into the market without extensive testing and passing the European testing certifications.